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I feel good and happy. Also, today on the bus, I was trying to think of cheating on my boyfriend as he said its normal for people to THINK but not to do in a relationship. So I tried and it worked. I love it! Tonight, I won't cry like a baby again, I don't want to make him think that we will come to an end. I will be fine.

Dear diary, my boyfriend told me that "To love someone is to love yourself" That's why he wants to love himself enough to love me.. The truth is some people love someone before they love themselves. The fact is some people love themselves before they love someone. Dear diary, I have a relationship issue since he got back.

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He cheated on me and I found out.. It has been hurting me so much.. I am looking for the answer, but I cannot find it. I don't know what I want because sometimes, I just want to let it go, but sometimes, I just want to keep going. I am not tired of loving him, but I am tired of trying, even I don't know it is going to work. Last night, I learnt quite a lot about him, I learnt on what he thinks about the relationship.

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And I understo Dear diary, They said "If someone really wants to see you, they'll find a reason, they'll find a way, and they'll make the effort. I have been waiting for him every day I really love him But he probably forgets about me..

He has lots of friends to hangout. That girl.. What about me..? Seems like it's only me who is thinking the better ways, Dear diary, I woke up by accidentally in the middle of night that I usually did. I though he is next to me But no.. I was alone. Really alone.. I was just laying on my bed..

No more him besides me. I started crying and do not believe it is real and happened to us.. I'm gonna be single again.. I just cannot imagine a day without him I know the answer. I know it..


I do love him and care about him I wanna me Dear diary, I have a big issue He is going to break up with me. It's freak me out I really miss him I cannot wait for a week because I already know his answer.. I just don't want to believe it happened to me and us. I can do only begging him to not leave me here alone.

But he always says negative things. It's really painful.. I go out every night for walking around some places that we have been together in uni. For people using Instagram in a more promotional way like I was with my photography account , the will to power dominates. Every new follower and like is a little more power in that sad kingdom.

Do people even really want real feedback?

Don't we just want validation? To be assured that we are perfect just as we are? Wouldn't we rather hold on to pleasant dreams about putting in the work to get better, rather than taking each painful step forward? This Skillshare class on documentary photography has 16, students. Only 78 of them submitted the class project, which was to take two photos.

What can I make for the crazy ones? The ones who aren't satisfied to go to work, watch Netflix and die. For the real creators—not the ones with the most followers. For those brave enough to go after meaning. About twitter-logo linkedin-logo. Dear Diary 1. Mar 21 Share with. Want early access to the app?