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The Mighty Hood.

Ernle Bradford. HMS London.

Foo, a Japanese-American prisoner of the Rising Sun

Lost Voices of the Royal Navy. Max Arthur. Karen Farrington. Harold Guard. No Better Friend. Robert Weintraub. Prisoner of Japan. Sir Harold Atcherly. Scorched Earth, Black Snow.

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Andrew Salmon. No Mercy from the Japanese. John Wyatt. From the Ridiculous to the Sublime. Andy Courtney. Never Surrender. One Soldier's Story: George S. We Gave Our Today. William Fowler. A Doctor's War. Aidan MacCarthy. Hell on Earth. Michele Cunningham. Rowley Richards. Alarm Starboard! Geoffrey Brooke.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Original Soundtrack

Exodus Burma. Felicity Goodall. From the Imjin to the Hook. James Jacobs.

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The Last Big Gun. Brian Lavery. Cockleshell Commando. Bill Sparks.

Alan Smith. Lost Souls of the River Kwai. Bill Reed. British Soldiers of the Korean War. Stephen F. Escape to Pagan. Brian Devereux. The Spy Worker.

John M. Burma Railway Man. Charles Steel. Mist on the Rice-Fields. John Shipster. Slaughter at Sea. Mark Felton. The Jack Ford Story. Jack Fitzgerlad. HMS Fearless. Life on the Death Railway. Stuart Young. Peter Dickens. Sunk by Stukas, Survived at Salerno. Geoffrey Brooks. Singapore and The Thailand Burma Railway.

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Alfred E. Paul Morrison. Jocks in the Jungle. Gordon Thorburn. Edward J. From Tobruk to Borneo. Frank G Perversi. History of the British U Class Submarine. Derek Walters. The Hard Way. Victor Stanley Ebbage. Ships from Hell. Raymond Lamont-Brown. It Had to be Tough. James Dunning.